Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cat Call

Cat calls. We have all heard them. Those obnoxious, disgusting, crude calls from men towards anything that appears female. I say appears because I could be wearing sweat pants, have no make up on and have a sweatshirt with the hood up and still hear some jerk say "Hey, ya lookin' good mami." Hold back the vomit. Anyways, this is not a post about what jerks men can be so I'll get to my point now.

I was walking down the street today and saw a girl wearing bright coral lipstick, a mustard pencil skirt, and a light weight navy cardigan. I found myself staring at her when she walked by and wanting to call out, "I like your lipstick! Especially paired with the color of that skirt!" Would this be an appropriate cat call? I find myself wanting to do this every time I like what someone is wearing. So just so you know if you see a blonde girl staring at you on the street its because I like your outfit.

Had to put up this photo of Emma Stone's street style. Love her style (style influence of the day post to come from this most likely). Most likely I would be mentally hollering, "I like your outfit!" at her if I saw her on the street.  Striped top, grey jeans, and a leather jacket? Love.

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