Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red, White & Blue

I happen to be a fan paring together red, white, and blue. This can either comes off as highly patriotic (yes the US has red, white and blue as their flag colors, but so do the French so I like to think of it as Parisian. I do like American flag pattern apparel too though....).  Which is why I am in love with this skirt and sweater from Zara. The polka dot blouse I just love on its own but paired with a red or blue skirt it would look fantastic.

Recently checked out Zara's newly launched US website and I am obsessed. Love the nice clean layout! I love the product shots too. Downside? You can't shop online yet. I am hooked on stalking their site for now though.


miya said...

going to go check out the zara site right now! love that blouse!

Riley said...

I really hope the site becomes available for online shopping soon. I love the site!