Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lucky Rabbits

I have a necklace of a rabbit that is very special to me and I kind of think of it as lucky. I wear it pretty often, and I like that its just a simple rabbit charm on a chain. Occasionally I do browse around to see if there is other rabbit jewelry out there that catches my eyes. More often that not I find a lot of really cheesy ones out there.

I did however stumble upon these two pieces and I think their pretty cool. I love the heavy look of the metal. The more "hardware" appeal something has I tend to be more attracted to it.

The picture online of the necklace is not great, but I saw it at an Urban Outfitters store and it looks really cool and heavy. The weight adds to the cool factor for me. The ring might seem a bit impractical, but I almost love it more for that.

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