Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit Envy

Lollapalooza music festival recently took place in Chicago. Music festivals always bring out an interesting array of style statements by the concert goers. This year I am obsessed with what Ellie Goulding's outfit:

I am obsessed with the Peter Jensen sweater she is wearing! Love it being paired with the layered button up shirts and the Burberry trousers. Dr. Marten boots were the perfect shoes  and add the perfect element of grunge. I will now be on a permanent search for a sweater like this one....

Say what you want about Taylor Momsen. She is over the top, which I kind of love. Yeah, yeah you can argue she is too young to go around dressing like a coked out hooker, but I kind of love that she does. If it works for her, more power to her. I also happen to be a big fan of her band The Pretty Reckless. Props to her for this outfit since it is the most clothing I have ever seen her in! Also love that she opted to wear some white (of course threw on a black leather jacket over it all for effect). I love the white boots and I have been wanting some over the knee socks (I personally would opt for them in heather grey though).

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